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Reduce Operational costs and improve customer satisfaction by giving access of advanced knowledge base and robust ticketing system to unlimited customers. Get your custom data-management flow configured with SuiteCRM customer portal for Joomla.

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#1990 Security Architecture - Hello, Our SuiteCRM is an intranet only application. Will this plugin work if the SuiteCRM is not Pedro Closed General Question
#911 Why you sell something, so expensive, that doesn't work? - PHP Notice: Undefined index: option_records_per_page in /var/www/xxxxxx/public_html/administrator/ felipebetan Closed Installation
#750 SuiteCRM Customer Portal Pro Joomla - Whe going into the suiteCRM at the portal layout configurations I can't seem to edit the modules and Dawid7161 Closed Bug?
#736 When going to select portal layout I cannot do anything with it - When trying to save on portal layout in admin, It wont save or select. I go to dropdown and try to s Badbach1 Closed Bug?
#552 Install Error - On config the Joomla package and entering UN and PW get the following... Error Configuration did maia2 Closed Installation