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Reduce Operational costs and improve customer satisfaction by giving access of advanced knowledge base and robust ticketing system to unlimited customers. Get your custom data-management flow configured with SuiteCRM customer portal for Joomla.

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CRMJetty - SuiteCRM Joomla Customer Portal

Save Countless Support Hours by Deploying A Self Service Customer Portal with Minimal Investment.

CRMJetty - SuiteCRM Customer Portal for Joomla is a SuiteCRM based portal solution for Joomla that not only gives your customers an alternative way to get fast and hassle-free support but also save valuable support hours. And the best part is that you can deploy this portal solution with minimal investment as it integrates and leverages your existing CMS and CRM systems. Which means no headache of organization wide system restructuring or expensive manpower training.

At CRMJetty, we have achieved this by integrating one of the most popular and robust CMS frameworks, Joomla with the world’s most popular CRM for SMEs, SuiteCRM. So our portal solution leverages the popularity and in-built frontend functionalities of Joomla and combines it with the flexibility and robustness of SuiteCRM to give you a world class customer portal that is functional, secure, scalable and customizable.

Why Opt for SuiteCRM-Joomla Customer Portal?

  • Allow customers to access all their relevant data like past service requests placed or documents uploaded.
  • Our scalable & customizable customer portal is the best fit for any growing business. You can scale our Suite Joomla portal by adding necessary modules that fit right into your business logic. Our portal can grow alongside your business.
  • Give your customers an organized way to overview and schedule their calls, meetings, etc. on a calendar with our customer portal.
  • Since our portal will be connected with CRM system you can provide better customer experience by following up on all open cases and support their requests with logical conclusion.
  • Your customers can also add their comments on all the open cases and provide their feedback on the resolution process.
  • As your customers place their own request, there are less chances of ambiguity and miscommunication.
  • Your customers can update account details on their own including sharing and updating docs.

Feature Highlights

Mass Credentials

Easily convert your CRM contacts into portal users by generating mass credentials and share across through emails.

Secure Sign-in

Give your customers the ease of signing up from the portal. A safe and secure sign-in to build a better level of trust.

Manage CRM Records

Let your customers manage their data by adding, deleting or updating records of the accessible modules.

User Group Based Access

Share your data wisely by creating accessibility-based user groups and assigning specific roles to contacts.

Activity Management

Declutter the communication with customers by providing a calendar view of all meetings/calls scheduled for the day/week.

Customized Portal

Give your portal a customized look that aligns with your brand by giving a name, adding logo, theme color, etc.

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  • "So a new project for a client meant I needed a Customer Portal that was customisable, could work with a tight integration between Joomla and SuiteCRM,..." - mikekilby

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