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#3534 - If we have 2 different name fields

Closed General Question created by Dinu1 Verified Purchase a year ago

Hi Team,

I have a question for you guys. Our client has two different fields for the account names in SuiteCRM. Therefore, on some occasions, the client is preferring to use the new name field for the XERO integration process (to create an account in XERO). However, as a standard option old name (default Account Name) field is syncing to the XERO which is fine. The issue here is, all the records have both old and new names, but they are preferring to match the new name fields for some selective accounts.

Therefore, could I confirm that those selective accounts do they have to manually modify the names in XERO?

We are using your old Suite to XERO addon, not the latest update.

Please Advice

Thank you

Best Regards, Dinushan

  1. MartyP member avatar

    Business Fundamentals Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hey Dinushan, apologies for the time take to reply. Yes, the S2X module looks ONLY at the default Account Name field when synching so in your scenario, they'd need to swap the names around to ensure that the name they want to use in Xero is in the Suite default Account modules name field AND change the name field in Xero.

    I haven't tried changing the Account name in Suite and then using the Update to Xero function, but can't see any reason why that wouldn't work as well. The underlying thing is, the name in Xero and the default Account name in Suite SHOULD match. Any update from either system would otherwise overwrite it

    Hope this helps

    • Dinu1 member avatar

      Dinu1 Verified Purchase

      a year ago

      Hi Business Fundamentals,

      Thank you for your response. Moving forward, we have explained this process to the client and confirmed that this is a default function in XERO.

      Best Regards, Dinushan

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