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#3377 - Payment gateway integration

Closed General Question created by Dinu1 Verified Purchase a year ago


Our client is currently using your Xero Integration for SuiteCRM for their invoicing purposes (Accounts & Revenue Line items). However, they are hosting an event and are curious if there’s a way to use the Xero Integration as an event payment gateway to keep everything simple and consistently handled through Xero.

Previously, the client used a direct bank deposit procedure to host the event registration and payments.

Ultimately, is there a way they can integrate the bank deposits, XERO, and SuiteCRM for this event registration and payment process?

Any advice on this subject you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Best Regards, Dinu

  1. MartyP member avatar

    Business Fundamentals Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    Hey Dinu, could you tell me what your SuitetoXero order number and/or your company name is? I can't find you (probably purchased under another name or your client is the purchaser?) in the list of my customers.

    Thanks for your time and patience

  2. greggibb member avatar


    a year ago

    Hi Business Fundamentals,

    I apologize for my delayed response, and probably under the account name "Greg Gibb" or "NetValue" is our company name you should find the records.

    Thank you

  3. MartyP member avatar

    Business Fundamentals Provider Affiliate

    a year ago

    My turn to apologise for taking so long to reply, sorry!!!

    With the customisable nature of Suite I can't see it being a problem... the size of the implementation would be another matter. You'd need a fairly comprehensive overview of business processes required, which elements would be run from Xero/which from Suite, how will the attendees book their seats (online forms directly inputting data to Suite?) etc etc. If you can put together more detail I could give you a more detailed answer... :=]


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