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SuiteCRM BI-Directional link to Xero
Automated BI-DIRECTIONAL synch between SuiteCRM and Xero, synch most recent record. Accounts, Contacts, Invoice and Products, connect and forget. Synch based on your criteria. This module also gives you the ability to manually update Accounts/Contacts/Invoice records to/from Xero

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#1219 - Xero Purcahses

Closed General Question created by RakataTech Verified Purchase 3 years ago


We are very interested in using the plugin for a new customer. We use the plugin for an existing customer and it works very well. One key point of the ability to sync purchases/receipts from Xero to an account or job sheet. They will be using receipt bank to get the invoices into Xero and we need to pull then into Suite CRM. I can see from the sales documentation that you state to ask about developments and I don't think the integration does this now. Can you let me know if this is possible as based on previous experience we would 100% purchase this plugin if it did this and worked as we require it?

I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. MartyP member avatar

    Business Fundamentals Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hey Dwight, pleasure to hear from you.

    Just to clarify your query you would like to 'pull' the invoices from Xero to SuiteCRM? If the invoices are to EXISTING contacts in SuiteCRM that already are connected to Xero via SuitetoXero, then using the Update Invoices function within Suite will download/update ALL invoices that are associated with that Xero Contact to the related Suite contact. If the contact doesn't exist in Suite, it will need to be created, linked to the Xero contact and then run Update Invoices.

    We're hesitant to add a 'blanket' sync to/from Xero as a number of our customers are CRM centric, they don't want or require ALL Xero contacts be in their CRM and vice versa, don't want or require ALL their CRM contacts in Xero, although an Update Invoices synch job could be created JUST for those contacts in Suite that are already related to Xero contacts... would that fit your requirements?

    If you would like a particular functionality developed for your SuitetoXero module, please put together a DFD of how you'd like the process to function and we'll get back to you with a price and time-line for development

    Hope this helps

  2. MartyP member avatar

    Business Fundamentals Provider Affiliate

    2 years ago

    Purchases/receipts functionality added to the module

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