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#1131 - Logic of Contact/Account Integration

Closed General Question created by RakataTech Verified Purchase 3 years ago


We have installed the BM + Invoice module which works well. One question. Can you please confirm the process by which Accounts in Suite, and Contacts in Xero, are/can/will be linked. What is the unique identifier that you lookup in Xero to see if an account already exists for the same contact and therefore link the two?


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    3 years ago

    Hey Dwight, thanks for your question, glad to hear that the module is working for you...I'll try and outline the logic used in the module.

    When you use the Send to Xero function from a Suite contact record, we first look to see if there is an associated Account record in Suite. Xero is Account (as in Company) centric, so it makes more sense to make the new account in Xero using the associated Suite Account name. The Account is created in Xero using the associated Account in Suite and the contact that you started the process from in Suite becomes the primary contact record for that Account in Xero.

    Once the account is created in Xero, it creates a unique ID. That ID is sent back to Suite and is added to the XeroID field in the Account record and ALL contacts that are part of that Account, not just the contact you started the process from. The ID field is also used to create the Xero Link field that allows you to go straight to the Xero record from any of those records in Suite.

    If the originating contact record in Suite DOES NOT have an associated Account record, the record in Xero is created using the Contact as the Account and primary contact person

    If you use the Send to Xero function in Suite from an Account record, we have no way of knowing which associated Contact record you'd like to set as the primary contact person in Xero. That being the case, we sort all associated contacts by last name descending alpha and send the top 6 (the maximum that Xero will take) to Xero. The top contact in that list becomes the primary contact person in Xero, XeroID and Xero LInk fields are populated as above and it is a simple exercise to set the primary contact person in Xero

    Once those processes have been completed, we have a Xero ID for each record. The Send to Xero function/button becomes Update Xero and that process uses the Xero ID field that we previously downloaded to ensure the correct record is updated....

    I hope this answer addresses your question, if not please don't hesitate to post a follow up. On another note, is there any chance you could find the time to post a review on the SuiteCRM Store site about your experience with the module and how well it suits your requirements?

    Thanks for your time and patience

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