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RecordCreator helps you create a related record from any module and define which fields should be copied over to the newly created related record. For example, if a user is on a Ticket record the use could create an Invoice record from that Ticket and copy over information such as the contact information or address.

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#3208 Relate fields do not properly transfer over due to apostrophe - First: I have a relate field called 'Accounts' in Module A. -> The field has the account ->Ad JohnWreford In Progress Bug?
#3188 Not all fields are displaying - In my custom module I have over 20 fields. Only 3 are visible. My source module is missing field JohnWreford Closed Bug?
#2951 Related Record Creator not selecting target fields - Hi Related Record Creator not selecting target fields of custom module see attached screenshot RiaanBez In Progress Bug?
#2545 Demo version does not appear to work - I logged into your demo suitecrm Related Record Creator. It does not appear to work. The action me JohnWreford Closed Bug?
#2115 Listview not display - Hi, After installing this extension, when click on it in Admin, the listview doest not display. E jlbebey Closed Bug?