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#369 - Cannot see Choose File

Closed Installation created by t Verified Purchase 7 years ago

SuiteCRM Version 7.8.2 SuiteP Theme Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

Installed plugin Quick repair etc

Added field to custom module Added filed to layout

Can see the field label but not the "Choose File".

  1. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    7 years ago

    It seems like you did the process correctly, we have sent you a follow up email. Please let us know the following:

    1 - What is the Environment/Server OS. 2 - What are the permissions for custom, **modules **and **root **folder. 3 - Do you see any errors in the Browser console log? you can open the console by pressing F12 key and then select console tab.

    We have verified that it works with the theme and SuiteCRM version 7.8.2 that you have mentioned. We would analyse and resolve the issue on your instance.

  2. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    7 years ago

    The field only shows in edit view once the record is created. This is needed to support On the Fly uploading of documents since once the record is Created, the plugin will know to which specific record the documents should be attached. The documentation has been updated to address your issue.

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