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The Multiple Fields add-on for SuiteCRM allows you to add dynamic fields and panels on the fly when adding records to a form, while working in any module.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#5227 Version 8 support? - Hi, When will version 8 be supported? In Progress Installation
#4858 Workflow fail - I have a workflow I believe is related to this addon its called: Run Multiple Fields. It appears dwaynecasey In Progress Bug?
#4770 Is it possible to add additional information fields like date or user info - Is it possible to add additional information fields like date or user info. Any way to do this? dwaynecasey In Progress General Question
#4710 Upgrade SUiteCRM from 7.10.6 to 7.12.8 - I recently did an upgrade from 7.10.6 to 7.12.8 - and now in the addon seems to have stopped working dwaynecasey Closed Bug?
#4369 Error when installing VIMultipleFields-7.0-SuiteCRM-Version7.12 - Hi I get this error when installing VIMultipleFields-7.0 "There is no action by that name: vi RiaanBez In Progress Bug?
#4356 compatible with SuiteCRM ver 7.12 - Good Day before I update my SUITECRM I would like to know is this plugin compatible with SuiteCRM ve RiaanBez In Progress General Question
#3902 Reports not showing values - HI I created a report in Multiple Fields but it is not showing the values of the Multiple Field RiaanBez Closed Bug?
#3727 Dropdown doesn't show on additional fields - When using the multiple fields option the dropdown does not work for the additional fields Is the hosting1 Closed Bug?
#3713 Multiple Fields - Hi is there to override the + next to each field and just have the New Entry Button? I do not want stevethefaine Closed General Question
#3469 New panel entry wont delete - New panel entry wont delete , also displaying new added panel multiple times , user related field no RiaanBez Closed Bug?
#3458 Make Multiple Field and Dynamic panels compatible with each other - Multiple Field and Dynamic panels compatible are such great products it would be great if they could RiaanBez Closed Feature
#3457 When add Dynamic drop down it does not stay consistent - Dynamic drop down does not stay consistent see video link [Dynamic drop down]( RiaanBez Closed Bug?
#3456 After adding a field it won delete when you go back to edit - After adding a field it won delete when you go an edit RiaanBez Closed Bug?
#3433 Data not editable - Version: 7.11 Issue: When i add the multifields and and safe the data, it can be viewed. When i tha taylordave85 Closed Bug?
#3267 Dynamic Drop down not duplicating to new panel - Hi I have setup a Dynamic drop down in my original panel and does not copy to new panel (Multipl RiaanBez Closed Bug?
#3262 DeployedMetaDataImplementation: $moduleName ResourceCalendar is not a Deployed Module - Installed version 2.11 and get the flowing error DeployedMetaDataImplementation: $moduleName Re RiaanBez Closed Bug?
#2988 Obtain values from fields - Hi I need to do a sql on the table to get the values of the new fields that have been added . Al RiaanBez Closed General Question
#2804 Quick Create - Is this possible or can be used for Quick Create in Modules? igreal Closed Feature