Highlevel Overview

Creating new records in SuiteCRM is not always a cookie-cutter process. In some cases, your business may require more fields than what is provided to enter information that is complete, customized to your needs, and organized appropriately before saved in the CRM. Variance Infotech developed the Multiple Fields add-on to help you quickly add fields and panels dynamically in any SuiteCRM module.

Multiple Fields add-on for SuiteCRM sales gif


  • Add multiple values for particular fields of any module
  • Copy existing panel of a module
  • Remove values of a particular field which was added by using extension
  • Display Multiple Fields values and copied existing panels on module Detail View
  • Configure Multiple Fields feature to particular field of panel from Configuration page
  • Turn on/off Multiple Fields extension for particular module from Configuration page
  • Supports specific standard and custom modules: leads, contacts, accounts, opportunity, quotes, invoices, etc.
  • Supports fields: text, enum, relate, parent, date, datetime, checkbox

Video Tutorial

How it Works

Multiple fields works with any module of SuiteCRM. Simply enable multiple fields options for selected modules from the Configuration page as shown below. Once set up, you can add multiple panels and fields dynamically from the existing panel.

Multiple Fields add-on for SuiteCRM configuration

Database Compatibility


Easy install and set up

Discover how it works in our User Guide

To learn more about this solution, go to Multiple Fields or search for "custom fields."

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