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Mailchimp Extension allows you to sync the mailchimp details with SuiteCRM and SuiteCRM details to mailchimp

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#3143 Synced contacts showing as duplicates - Dear sirs / madams, we can successfully sync contacts and lists between SuiteCRM and MailChimp. Onl sebanowa Closed Bug?
#3104 Mailchimp Target List Sync - We are only able to sync 10 Subscribers from MailChimp no matter how many are in the list. jlasar Closed Bug?
#3061 Mailchimp field List is blank - ![MailChimp.png]( jlasar Closed Bug?
#2466 sync only ten lists of mailchimp - I'm trying to connect some lists and I don't find them in target lists, either in fields. How could claudiobenedetto Closed Bug?
#2002 Not able the receive the awnser of the user - When texting a phone number, the user is receving the text but when it replies, the text doesnt show alexb0903 Closed Bug?
#2001 The sms are sending twice but it shows only once in the UI. - The message seems to send twice to the user even tought only one record is created in the sms log. alexb0903 Closed Bug?