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#5375 Space Blue Theme is not working on SuiteCRM 8.5.1 - I have downloaded Space Blue theme and as specified in documentation I have configured it with my Su nanva1989 Open Installation
#4900 This does not work and I have been in touch with RT Dynamic - Please cancel this free trial - This does not work and I have been in touch with RT Dynamics - Please cancel this free trial. Tab scottpoore Closed Bug?
#4693 is you them accessible for screen readers - Hello many of my users are using Jaws screen readers; is your theme accessible? SuiteP is not acc Serge Pelletier Closed General Question
#4046 Not working on SuiteCRM8.0 - Hello, i just bought it and tried installing into suitecrm8 but not working at all. Can you help me Rodrigo Lima Closed Installation
#3707 Submodules in detail view are not showing any titles - I noticed that my submodules in a detail view does not show any titles. See the attached screenshot admin28 Closed Bug?
#3484 After install, Suitecrm no longer working - After install, Suitecrm no longer working: I had to restore the VM ! facturation Closed Bug?
#3150 doesn't work on 7.11.15 - never prompted for a lic # and even after multiple repairs, no go. Too bad because that wild berry t greg4 Closed Bug?
#3035 Configured theme in mi SuiteCrm - Hi, i installed theme in my Crm, now i can see some changes but i can´t find where i can configured direccion Closed Feature