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    Verified Purchase 5:51 pm June 28th, 2022 | share link

    Great theme, works easy

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    11:44 am May 22nd, 2024

    I am ubable to validate the license It this throwing an error in console

    Uncaught ReferenceError: outfitters_validate_license is not defined at HTMLInputElement.onclick (index.php?module=rt_BlueSpace&action=license&checklicense=rt_BlueSpace:1086:204)

    Thank You.

    1. rtdynamic member avatar

      RT Dynamic Provider

      2 months ago

      Hey Arjun,

      Thank you for using our custom theme. It's unfortunate that you got an error while using it.

      Can you please provide us with your SuiteCRM version and PHP version? We will have a look at it and get back to you.

      Regards, Team RT Dynamic.

      • arjun1 member avatar


        one month ago

        SuiteCrm version is 7.14.3 and php version is 8.2.12

      • rtdynamic member avatar

        RT Dynamic Provider

        one month ago

        Hey Arjun,

        Thank you for your patience.

        Please take the following measures to fix the issue you're facing:

        • Reset the permissions on your SuiteCRM instance as stated here: link

        • Please repair SuiteCRM by going to Admin - Repair and clicking Quick Repair and Rebuild.

        • Go to Admin - Repair and click on Rebuild JS Grouping files.

        If the issue still persists, please consider sharing your instance credentials so we can take a look at your CRM, or we can have a call to go over the issue with you.


        Team RT Dynamic

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