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Save time and bring your team together with Yathit, the only SuiteCRM and Gmail integration you need. No more copying text and switching browser tabs just to save contact information from a Gmail message. Use SuiteCRM templates to reach out to customers faster, and even view your customer activity feeds right inside Gmail.

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Your purchase from SugarOutfitter is verified by using your login email address.

Automatic licensing: If you use same email address on SugarOutfitters and Yathit, your account in Yathit InboxCRM will be activated according to your purchase in SugarOutfitters.

Manual licensing: You have to assign a license to Yathit extension user account, if its email address is different from SugarOutfitters or you bough more than one license. To update license assignment of your phase, login to Yathit User Portal using same email address as SugarOutfitter account. There you can assign to any email address for Yathit extension user.


The following screencast show assign license to all login user to CRM


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