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Save time and bring your team together with Yathit, the only SuiteCRM and Gmail integration you need. No more copying text and switching browser tabs just to save contact information from a Gmail message. Use SuiteCRM templates to reach out to customers faster, and even view your customer activity feeds right inside Gmail.

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Yathit InboxCRM is a unique-breed of SuiteCRM add-ons. It is a Chrome Extension that connects to your SuiteCRM instance using the SuiteCRM REST API. Each SuiteCRM user install Yathit InboxCRM Chrome Extension. This obviate to install SuiteCRM module on server side, reducing risk and simplify installation.

  1. Install Yathit InboxCRM Chrome Extension in your Chrome browser.
  2. Login to Yathit backend server in the extension page.
  3. Authorize Gmail contact and other services to the extension.
  4. Login to your SuiteCRM in the extension page.
  5. Use the extension in Gmail.

Install the extension

yathit crmininbox installation
You can install the extension from "Add to Chrome" link Yathit User Portal or Chrome web store.

Login to Yathit server and authorize Google services

Yathit login and authorization
Login to Yathit server from the Setup link in the Extension Sidebar or Extension Options page (see screencast). After login, authorize the Extension to user your Gmail Contact service by clicking the "authorize" link.

Login to your SuiteCRM

setup sugarcrm
Setup SuiteCRM from Extension Sidebar or Extension Options page. Enter your SuiteCRM webpage url, its login user name and password. SuiteCRM portal should appear shortly after the setup.

The CRM credential, i.e user name and hash password, is stored in the browser. The credential is used to authenticate to your SuiteCRM server. The credential never leave from your browser. It never sent to any server including our Yathit login server.

Detail instructions are available in Yathit user guide.


Remove the extension from your Chrome browser extension page. Detail instruction are available in Yathit user guide.

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