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Save time and bring your team together with Yathit, the only SuiteCRM and Gmail integration you need. No more copying text and switching browser tabs just to save contact information from a Gmail message. Use SuiteCRM templates to reach out to customers faster, and even view your customer activity feeds right inside Gmail.

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Do you have "Do Not Track" feature in email tracking.

Yes, we have "Do Not Track" feature for explicitly not collecting specific user even after tracked email has been sent. However unlike browser, "Do Not Track" signal must be set manually.

What you do with the SuiteCRM credentials and how they remain safe?

The CRM credential, i.e user name and hash password, is stored in the browser localStorage. The credential is used to authenticate to your SuiteCRM server. The credential never leave from your browser. It never sent to any server including our Yathit login server. To prevent casual inspection of the credential, it is encrypted with RC4 cipher with SHA1 hash and salt.

How secure is your Extension?

Security is very important and security is considered from the ground up. All connections are made using a SSL connection encrypted with modern cryptography. We use secure Google cloud services for authentication and data storage. We does not store any of your password in our server. Please email to for more detail.

Can I use Yathit InboxCRM on multiple computers?

Yes. Licensing is based on Yathit account. You can use it on multiple computers.

What browsers and operating systems is supported?

Currently the extension is only available in desktop Chrome web browser. It is available in Windows, OS X and Linux operating system.

What will happen to my data if I install Yathit InboxCRM?

Yathit InboxCRM does not change your data on SuiteCRM nor Gmail. Yathit InboxCRM does not store your CRM and Gmail data on our server. Any change from the extension is directly submitted to your SuiteCRM or Google.

Can I buy Yathit InboxCRM for my entire company?

Yes, you can buy multiple licenses and apply to your entire company.

How to Switch to another CRM Account?

Remove existing SuiteCRM instance in Extension Options page and add a new one.

Does synchronization support Google calendar and tasks.

This feature is coming.

Is SuiteCRM supported.

Yes. The extension is tested with SuiteCRM 7.1 as well.

How to uninstall Yathit InboxCRM?

See uninstall section in installation page

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