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Twilio Call Logging functionality helps you to register the inbound calls (received from leads,contacts and accounts) and outbound calls (dialed to from Twilio) with call details such as call duration, date and time of calls, status, etc.

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User Guide

How SuiteCRM users can see their own calls.

As we know that all inbound/outbound calls are logged into SuiteCRM Calls module. As a normal user how to check the call assigned to you.
Please follow steps.
- Goto Calls module Listview
- Click on Filter and select advanced filter.

You can check the below image.

Select the all required fields as per your requirement.
As we can see in the above image we have searched all Inbound Twilio Calls which status is Completed and duration is last 7 days for the administrator user.

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  • "Can keep track of all the calls they make to their prospects. The call details can be further used to generate reports on billing details, average time spent on calls, number of calls per day, etc."

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