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SweeterGDPR adds a lot of new features to your SuiteCRM, each one aimed at easing compliance with GDPR requirements, and maintaining data protection best practices.

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Installation of SweeterGDPR

  1. Navigate to the Admin view
  2. Click on the voice "Module Loader"
  3. Click on the "Choose" button and select the Sweeter_GDPR file
  4. Click on the "Upload" button
  5. Now click on the "Install" button next to the file you just uploaded, in the second, lower table
  6. Select "Commit". This will install the plug-in. At the end of the process go back to the Admin view
  7. Select the "Repair" voice
  8. Select the first item in the Repair settings named "Quick Repair and Rebuild"
  9. After the above is completed, go back to the "Repair" screen
  10. Select "Rebuild JS Grouping Files"
  11. Done! SweeterGDPR is now installed

Please refer to the Manual for SweeterGDPR for the complete installation procedure. This will also walk you through the set up of the plug-in, in order for its features to adapt to the specifics of your business.

Installation of the Joomla! component

Once SuiteCRM and Joomla! are properly connected, you'll want to:

  1. Navigate to the "Extensions" menu on the admin back end and select Manage -> Install
  2. Upload the component called "Joomla!! Portal GDPR Extension"
  3. Once the component is selected, a message will appear on top of the Extensions: Install page notifying you that the installation of the component was successful
  4. Done! The GDPR Extension is now added to your Joomla! portal

Again, please refer to the Manual for SweeterGDPR for the complete installation procedure.

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