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The Suite WhatsApp Integration is a tool that allows you to use WhatsApp directly from SuiteCRM. Utilizing the WhatsApp API, you can send and receive messages without having to set up accounts with other providers and at no cost. All conversations you have via WhatsApp are associated with your contacts in SuiteCRM, providing you with a complete and controlled record of your interactions with customers.

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The Whatsapp extension is a customisation developed by ACTIVALINK that integrates into SuiteCRM and connects through Api. The extension is maintained by ACTIVALINK to adapt it to changes in requirements that may occur in the connection.

There are different ways to use Whatsapp in third-party applications. The most common is to connect through a third-party service that has a cost depending on the number of messages sent. ACTIVALINK does not connect through third-party services, but uses the Whatsapp API to connect directly, in the same way that the client would use Whatsapp Web, but integrating the service into the CRM.


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