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SuiteCRM Rating Field Plugin
Rate and mark all your customers and opportunities at a glance.
Give each record a visual score to help focused on your most important business first !

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Does the module supports multiple rating fields on same module ?

Yes it does !
We developped the module in mind to be able to support multiple instances of the widget !


Does the module supports Inline Editing ?

You can double click the field and you'll get the same Edit widget as if you have pressed the edit button, however SuiteCRM does not support rich inline editing results, so once validated the result will be displayed as a number (until you refresh the screen). We developped a workaround about this, but it requires to hardcode some function in SuiteCRM Core (not on the custom directory) so it would be erased by any update done to the product. We will report that to SuiteCRM engineer's team maybe for a future improvement.

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