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The Reminder and Notification extension for SuiteCRM from Variance InfoTech helps to automate reminders for any date or date time field. Great for getting In-App or Email notifications whenever there is an upcoming birthday, anniversary, contract renewal, or anything else that matters for your unique business needs.

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User Guide

Steps For Using Reminder And Notification Features :

Step 1:

To open the Administration Page, Click on Admin tab, as shown in below screenshot.


Step 2:

Open Administration page, Click on Reminder And Notification from the Other section.


Step 3:

On click of the Create link, Reminder And Notification Listview page will be open.
(Note: If there is no record then it will show link “You Currently have no records saved. Create one now”) as shown in the below screenshot. Click on Create link to add new record.


Step 4:

On Click of CREATE link, Reminder And Notification page will be open, as shown in the below screenshot. You will need to add Subject, Select Module, Select Field For Notification(Only Display Date and DateTime field), Trigger Notification and Status then click on NEXT button to go to next step.


Step 5:

Click on ADD CONDITIONS button to add multiple conditions and then click on NEXT button to go to next step.


Step 6:

Notifications Step :
Send Notification to System Users
(i) All Users : If All Users Checkbox is Checked then list of all users below All User Checkbox is checked and Send Email Notification to All Checked User
(ii) Assigned Users : If Assigned Users Checkbox is Checked then Email Notification Send to Record’s owner
(iii) Send Notification to Receiver from Record field (Only Email Type field) : If Checkbox is checked then if module contains email type field then email notification send to email address which was mentioned in email type field otherwise it’s show message like “This module does not contain any email field!”.
(iv) Send Email Notification For Individual Person : If you want to send email notification to particular person then write down email address of that person.


(B) Select Template :
Customize Default Template : Select Customize Default Template if you want to Customize Default Template then Select Category of Template
Create New Template : Select Create New Template if you want to Create New Template for Particular Category.


(i) Customize Default Template : Able to Customize Default Template of Birthday, Marriage and Work Anniversary by Clicking on Particular Template or “CLICK HERE” Button


(ii) Able to Create New Template for Particular Category.


Once you’ve added New Template for any Category, It’ll show in particular Category. You can see in below screenshot.


Step 7:

After Clicking on SAVE button, Listview will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot.


Step 8:

Now go to Contacts Module and Create New Record. Based on configuration add birthday for Notification.


Step 9:

If Conditions matched as defined in configuration then Desktop Notification Shown at top Right Corner as you seen below screenshot.


Step 10:

Also you’ve got Notification in Email with Template. Open Email Account which was configured in Reminder And Notification.


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