by Dreamer Technologies

Push the LinkedIn Information as a Lead into SuiteCRM. With the Chrome extension the LinkedIn fields will automatically populate in the Lead form. From there you can push it into your CRM by clicking on Save.

Installation Guide

Please Follow the below Steps for Installation of the addon.

  1. Goto ADMINISTRATION Panel and click on Module Loader.

  2. Choose the addon Zip file for installation and click on upload.

  3. After File is uploaded, Click on Install.
  4. Please read SLA before continue.
  5. Click on Accept and commit.
  6. The last step, Please be a check that addon installed successfully.

Now, Goto Admin Guide for further configuration.
In case found any problem while installation please email us at

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    a year ago

    Is this add-on still valid? The link to the Chrome Extension is 404, can you please update it?

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