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Push the LinkedIn Information as a Lead into SuiteCRM. With the Chrome extension the LinkedIn fields will automatically populate in the Lead form. From there you can push it into your CRM by clicking on Save.

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    8:22 pm December 19th, 2019 | share link

    Click, click, click - done!
    So much better than copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste...
    Initially the addon had a few glitches, but the dev team at Dreamer hopped right on them and now the app works like a dream!

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    Verified Purchase 8:19 am September 28th, 2021 | share link

    Update: Now that I got the right extension in place - after superb support from those guys, everything works as it should. Half star less, because not every single field is mapped to my SuiteCRM - e.g. birthday information.
    But overall, it simply works.

    Old: Chrome Extension isn't available any longer. Getting 404 while trying to download.

    1. dreamertechs member avatar

      Dreamer Technologies Provider Affiliate

      3 weeks ago

      Hello Timoklein,

      100% it's working and it's being used by many clients. If you need any help in implementation please connect our support team.

      Please connect you are in need of plugins.

      Team Dreamer Technologies
      Whatsapp: +918866461183
      Skype: dreamertechs

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    6:03 pm August 2nd, 2021

    The plugin is very simple and I tested it carefully. It is not particularly complex and its speed is acceptable. What I cannot accept is to provide my login and password to a third-party company. The risk is too high for the result I get, so I prefer to quit. In my CRM there are contacts, accounts, offers, prices, sensitive information. I prefer to avoid any security issues.

    1. dreamertechs member avatar

      Dreamer Technologies Provider Affiliate

      2 months ago

      Hello Mr, Giorgio,

      Thanks for the feedback,

      Here just for your information that you are not providing any login detail to any company and the google chrome extension is very secure and confidential. So need to worry about and without login credentials how we can fetch the data in CRM.

      Also, we are expecting your suggestion on how this addon should work. Please suggest your input is very useful for our company.

      Team Dreamer Technologies
      Whatsapp: +918866461183 | Email us:

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