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Push the LinkedIn Information as a Lead into SuiteCRM. With the Chrome extension the LinkedIn fields will automatically populate in the Lead form. From there you can push it into your CRM by clicking on Save.

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This addon helps you to save your LinkedIn Leads at one click into your SuiteCRM and then manage everything in your SuiteCRM.

Supports the latest LinkedIn UI Design

Key Points

  • Eliminate the copy-paste
  • Increase the speed of importing the leads from LinkedIn
  • One-click lead import
  • Reduces sales and marketing team time in gathering information.
  • Check Duplicate Leads if already imported in SuiteCRM

How to push LinkedIn Leads to SuiteCRM.

[ Login the CRM ]

Click on Dreamer LinkedInLeads chrome extension icon. and login using your SuiteCRM credentials.


Once you log in successfully Just need one time Refresh the LinkedIn Page.

[ Open a LinkedIn Profile & Save it as a Lead in CRM ]

Now open a LinkedIn profile and click on the Dreamer LinkedInLeads icon. Once you click it will process the page for fetching the data and then the popup will be set the appropriate values in the field.


Automatic field will be filled with the value and you can change the values of fields as well. After this just click on the Save button so this information will be saved as a Lead in CRM.


When importing leads from Linkedin to SuiteCRM, you can look for other leads or contacts that exist in the CRM database.

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Dreamer LinkedinLeads

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  • "Click, click, click - done! So much better than copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/p..." - Ward

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