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Faster address entry with our Google Address add-on for SuiteCRM. Enter verified address data using Autocomplete Google Places API Integration with "Address" field type. Also supports custom modules of type Person and Company. Adds a "Show Map" button to your detail views for any address.

Includes a 30 day guarantee
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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on

1. How to install?

Navigate to Admin > Module Loader and select the zip file, that you would have received upon the purchase. Follow the installation process.

2. Validate the license

  • Once add-on is installed successfully, you have to provide valid license. Go to Admin and access “License Configuration” link shown as below.
License Configuration for Google Address

Provide the license key that you have received upon purchase and validate it.

Validate License for Google autocomplete address

3. Follow these steps to get Google API key

Go to the Google API Console.

Create or select a project.

Get API key for Google Map Step-1

Click Continue to enable the API.

SuiteCRM Google map API Key Step-2

Enable google Library for your account.

As Google has changed the API policy, You have to enable the API Library for existing Key from here

SuiteCRM Google map Library enable

From the dialog displaying the API key.

SuiteCRM Google map API Key Step-3

Copy and Paste Key to Set Google API key text box and Save!

Copy , paste api key and save

You are done!

  1. deepaksingh member avatar


    5 years ago

    please anyone help me . how to display autocomplete email id in suitecrm

    • urdhvatech member avatar

      Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

      5 years ago

      Hello Mr. Deepak,

      This section is for discussion about only add-on related. If you have a general question about SuiteCRM. You can raise it over SuiteCRM forum

      Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

    • deepaksingh member avatar


      5 years ago

      ya but till now i am not got the proper solution . therefore i post here . i watch your video . in that video all the data is autocomplete . therefore i am telling . how would you help me ...

  2. deepaksingh member avatar


    5 years ago

    any free trial version available .

  3. contact5 member avatar

    contact5 Verified Purchase

    3 years ago

    where do i put the google api key.

    i went to admin > Google Address API key configuration> Set up key> but not working. ( it is asking for license configuration which i've already did)

    • urdhvatech member avatar

      Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

      3 years ago

      Hello, Can you please verify your file permission as suggested on your support case #2308

      Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

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