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We're showcasing the latest SuiteCRM add-ons, recently launched and available for your use. Check out the new products below, start free trials, and feel confident testing software with our 100% guarantee.

NEW: Jotform Integration

This just-launched extension by Variance InfoTech facilitates the integration of Jotforms with SuiteCRM module fields, allowing administrators to map form fields to CRM fields. When users submit a Jotform, the extension automatically generates new CRM records and populates them with the submitted data.


NEW: BV Google Tasks Extension

Google Tasks Extension by Brainvire Infotech offers a robust solution for syncing tasks across platforms, allowing for efficient collaboration and organization within your SuiteCRM. With bidirectional communication, customizable task mapping, and real-time updates, this integration empowers users to centralize task management workflows, ensuring that important actions and deadlines are never missed.


Boru's Drag and Drop

Boru’s Drag and Drop for the Documents module allows users to upload multiple documents to a record at once. Drop as many files as you wish into the Drag and Drop doc field and watch your files start to upload!


SuiteCRM 8 Theme Editor

Ready to personalize your CRM to match your brand colors or make it more visually appealing? SuiteCRM 8 Theme Editor is the ultimate plugin that empowers you to transform Version 8 into a personalized work environment.


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