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SuiteCRM BI-Directional link to Xero Automated BI-DIRECTIONAL synch between SuiteCRM and Xero, synch most recent record. Accounts, Contacts, Invoice and Products, connect and forget. Synch based on your criteria. This module also gives you the ability to manually update Accounts/Contacts/Invoice records to/from Xero

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#4275 - Blank screen when connecting to XERO

Open Bug? created by t Verified Purchase one month ago

Hello I have followed all of the steps

Installed the plug-in and have all the information from Xero in my SuiteCRM

When clicking on - Get Records From Xero

Taken to a white screen

URL /index.php?entryPoint=syncAllRecords&type=get

  1. MartyP member avatar

    Business Fundamentals Provider Affiliate

    one month ago

    Hi, did you complete a successful linkage to Xero after installation? You should have seen a popup window that asked you to allow Suite to access Xero...

    Thanks for your time and patience

  2. t member avatar

    t Verified Purchase

    one month ago

    All working I missed 1 step thank you

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