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SuiteCRM BI-Directional link to Xero
Automated BI-DIRECTIONAL synch between SuiteCRM and Xero, synch most recent record. Accounts, Contacts, Invoice and Products, connect and forget. Synch based on your criteria. This module also gives you the ability to manually update Accounts/Contacts/Invoice records to/from Xero

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#1305 - PrePurchase functional questions

Closed Feature created by stripey 3 years ago

We're looking to link Xero to SuiteCRM, and want to have for contacts that are linked an automated sync of data and invoices - both sales and purchases. So have a few questions ...
Xero is the subset of data (smaller database), Suite is almost 10k contacts, Xero is a few hundred, almost 100% are within SuiteCRM, and we'd create accounts in SuiteCRM for any not there already.

Is there bulk export of SuiteCRM to Xero? somehow tagging those to be exported (not the whole of SuiteCRM) rather than one by one?
We'd like to be able to filter XERO contacts for unmatched accounts and ideally pull them in to SuiteCRM (when someone or an automated process creates a XERO account)? I assume there is a field we can do that with? (we have ecommerce and expense addon's that create accounts and ideally want to flow them back to SuiteCRM.
We'd like to automate synconisation of data (address/telephone/emails etc) as well as invoice (sales and purchase) for those matched contacts, say daily with a manual global re-sync and per contact resync?

Are purchase orders able to be generated in SuiteCRM as well as quotes conversion to invoices?

I hope the above makes sense and look forward to your comments

  1. MartyP member avatar

    Business Fundamentals Provider Affiliate

    3 years ago

    Hey Richard

    Apologies for taking so long to reply, I'll try and answer your queries in as much detail as possible

    1) Bulk Export from SuiteCRM: Yes, you can export as CSV records from Suite, manipulate with Excel and import to Xero. The Full Package of Suite to Xero also allows you to send multiple contacts/accounts from Suite to Xero via the List view

    2) Bit confused about your question here, are you asking about filtering Xero contacts or unmatched accounts? I'll assume you mean Xero contacts that AREN'T matched to Accounts in SuiteCRM? You'd like this to somehow be automated/triggered from WITHIN Xero whenever an account is created there? You may to able to implement this type of functionality by creating a webhook within Xero - see the article here

    3) Currently Suite to Xero has NO automated sync process. When viewing a contact/account record within Suite that is linked to a Xero account, an Update Contact/Account button is available that when pressed manually will update invoices/address details etc between the apps - currently that is from Suite to Xero, Suite being the authoritative record

    4) There isn't a built in purchase order module for SuiteCRM at the moment, however there might be one available on the SuiteCRM Store - see here: Being Open Source there would be a large number of developers out there that would be able to create one for you, at a price of course :=]

    ALL of the options you've asked for, can be developed for you, obviously there would be a cost involved. If you'd like to get some idea of what that cost might be, don't hesitate to contact me with a more indepth overview of what you require. Once again, my apologies for the tardiness of my reply.

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