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#817 - Installation help and setup

Closed Installation created by JHatfield1 Verified Purchase 6 years ago


i am trying to install and configure the plugin to work with our cms but i cant seem to get it working. Id like to have this uploader to be in the accounts section Panel Name "Social Media Content" Ability to upload an image and the content next to it. The content will be text and urls. They need to be associated with each other. This will be an image and the text that goes with it for the social media post.

Our account managers need the ability to upload up to 20 at a time .

We need to save the date so we know when this content & Image was uploaded into the system.

The image and content will need to have the following fields as drop downs: Company Category, Company Sub Category, Posting Topic We also need to know who uploaded the content.

The customer needs the ability to approve the content via a workflow .
Only one email needs to go out but showing "Approve" "Decline" buttons and " Suggested Change" Text field for each row in the email. Each image and content will have a row. so the employee uploads the content and then saves it. Some how starts the workflow for approval. the content will need to be defaulted and displayed as "Not Approved" until the customer approves it. Then it will reflect "Approved" Once approved , the account manager will be notified that the content has been approved for posting.

Our employees need the ability to add Company Category, Company Sub Category, Posting Topic to the drop down lists. As we add new customers our categories, sub categories and posting topics change.

All of this data needs to be stored in the database. Please let me know where everything is located in the database so we can query them later for our customer portal.

This is high priority for us. Please assist.

  1. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    6 years ago

    Hi Joshua

    The case you have raised is beyond the scope of plugin support. If you want the above functionality to be developed for your CRM, we can do that. You can reach us via our website for any custom solutions.

This case is public. Please leave out any sensitive information such as URLs, passwords, etc.
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