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#1811 - fixes for some problems

Closed Bug? created by Madmart 5 years ago

Hi. I noticed that you don't check for when there are no uploaded files on save (you really should). the foreach loop won't be able to clean up the field on it's own if all the files for that field get deleted.

a user would go back to detail view looking very confused when the file names for the files s/he just deleted are still there.

I have also discovered a problem with the multiupload.php file that sits in the root of the crm system. there is a forward slash missing between suitecrm/sugar and upload in the file_path so the file never gets deleted also not really an issue but I see you set the file path in a variable but then don't use it.

  1. cyborgsolution member avatar

    cyborgsolution Provider

    5 years ago

    Hello Denyer Thank you for your feedback. We have updated the package as it was pointed by T before while working on a project. We value your feedback and thank you for pointing.

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