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The MTS Activity Stream add-on enables users to view a list of activities performed on records. By using this solution, users can see who has updated important information on a CRM record and avoid making duplicate actions. Also, this feature helps admin monitor other users’ activities by reviewing their actions in the CRM.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#3875 Global Search - ![global search.png]( mflores Open Bug?
#3124 PDF Report Access - I've updated to version 1.1, did a quick repair and rebuild along with rebuilding JS grouping but do ghansen Closed Bug?
#3098 Reporting Feature - It would be very helpful as an admin to be able export the daily activity log for users. ghansen Closed Feature
#3072 Question - Can this tell me what type of change was made to the account? For example, a phone number was change khenson Closed Feature