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#4434 - Two-Factor Authentication trial

Closed Bug? created by carlosbasto Verified Purchase 3 months ago

I am trying your Two-Factor Authentication plugin and i have detected a bug. After instal your plugin my Suitecrm instance is no longer able to keep the Show Full Names setting between sessions.

That is:

Go to Profile->Advanced and put a 'X' on Show Full Names. Look at top - right i see that Full Name of the user logged appears Logout and Login again Look at top - right and notice that is not the Full Name that appears but only the username(code) What i have notice is that even if i change the profile setting regardind Show Full Name and i save that actually is not recorded in the database.

  1. carlosbasto member avatar

    carlosbasto Verified Purchase

    3 months ago

    Hello Can you please answer otherwise i wil have to cancel my buy

    • saeed member avatar

      Helfertech Provider

      3 months ago


      Sorry for delay because we were having national holidays in Pakistan. We will get back to you on this tomorrow.

      Thank you for waiting

  2. saeed member avatar

    Helfertech Provider

    3 months ago

    Hi Carlos,

    Thank you for letting us know about the issue. We’ve fixed the issue with full names and released new version i.e. V5.3. Please install the latest version after uninstalling current one. There seems an issue with some SuiteCRM version where saving any users information through bean reverts user preferences i.e. showing full name etc. Anyway, we updated our plugin code to save user information through SQL queries instead of bean. We tested and all seems working now. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Thank you.

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