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SuiteCRM Dynamic Forms enables you to create multiple forms with different purposes for any record. This is great for a number of various industries which requires multiple types of forms be attached to each customer's records. Dynamic forms has the ability to add many types of fields to your forms custom forms.

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#2816 - Demo Request

Closed General Question created by kinetix 4 years ago

Hi. I reached out to you last week requesting a demo of the product and had several other questions to address when we can connect. Can someone get back to me directly at Thank you.

  1. kinetix member avatar


    4 years ago

    I have questions about your pricing structure - can you explain? I don't see a way to format the actual form. Everything appears vertically as it's entered in the creation of the form (no way to format horizontally or into columns). I also have a need for users to be able to upload files within the form. If I could manipulate the format and upload images - we might be in business.

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