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SuiteCRM Dynamic Forms enables you to create multiple forms with different purposes for any record. This is great for a number of various industries which requires multiple types of forms be attached to each customer's records. Dynamic forms has the ability to add many types of fields to your forms custom forms.

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About Dynamic Forms / Smart Forms

Variance Infotech has developed Dynamic Forms in SuiteCRM which helps in many industries that actively use CRM for managing customers. If you are using SuiteCRM for your business there are times when you will need to have a custom form for a record such as a contact or opportunity.


  • Compatible with SuiteCRM 7.7+ versions
  • Works with all SuiteCRM Modules
  • Configurable with Standard & Custom SuiteCRM Fields
  • Intuitive Configuration panel allowing multiple steps setup
  • Shows & Hides Panels and Fields based on Field values
  • 100% Modular (Does not modify SuiteCRM core files)
  • Database Compatibility : 1) MYSQL 2) MSSQL

Easy to Install & Setup

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For example:

  1. If you are a healthcare company and you need an option to store several different kinds of Patient forms to a patient record then this extension will be game-changer for you.
  2. If you are an Insurance company and you wish to store your client's insurance data this extension will be useful for you as it enables you to have different forms for different insurance needs.
  3. If you are a Manufacturing company and you wish to attach multiple forms of various offers to the customer where each form is different then Dynamic Form will be useful.


Dynamic forms for SuiteCRM

  • Dynamically add any fields to any form
  • Generate reports on any fields of the forms to work on future progress with the customers or vendors


How Dynamic Forms/ Smart Form works see in Action

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