Many businesses have different form requirements based on the customer's needs. Buying life insurance? That's a different form than car insurance.

The trouble comes when you try to use the traditional, all-field form of a contact. Every field for every purpose is on the customer record in SuiteCRM. This makes it painful to fill out for very specific needs when only a subset of fields are needed.

Dynamic Forms solves this by enabling you to create specific forms for your specific use-case.

Highlevel Overview

SuiteCRM Dynamic Forms enables you to create multiple forms with different purposes for any record. This is great for a number of various industries which requires multiple types of forms be attached to each customer's records. Dynamic forms has the ability to add many types of fields to your forms custom forms.

Custom Forms For Custom Use-cases


See It In Action

To learn more about this solution go to Dynamic Forms or search for "dynamic forms".

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