by Urdhva Tech

Need to add a value to one of your drop downs? Sick of adding values the long, hard way? With this add-on you can now add to your drop downs right when you are editing or creating any record in SuiteCRM.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#1985 Does not work - Please could you do the within 30 day refund. Regards Greg gregpalmer Closed Installation
#923 Error Creating Dynamic Dropdow Menu - I'm using Dynamic drop down . But i can't create Menu Parent and Menu Child . I'm create Parent Men tranthanhsang Closed Bug?
#89 Dynamic Dropdown - Hello Is there dependency function on this plugin? Regards cooledit Closed General Question
#29 Refund - How do I apply? - Hi, I tried the module "Dynamic Dropdown Pro" but it is not working within out workflo wayne Closed General Question
  • "Great add on for a small one off cost allowing admin users to give rights to edit dropdowns from the edit screen!"

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