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#1913 - Access to regular user for running pre-saved reports

Open General Question created by rahuljain 6 months ago

Hi team,

Could you please confirm if the module can be made available to the regular users so that they only select from a list of pre-saved reports to run and get results?
Only admin should be able to create new queries and save them as reports to be made available to regular users. Please advise if possible.


  1. infospectrum member avatar

    infospectrum Provider

    6 months ago


    Yes - Additional users can access the module provided they are given the SQLQuery module URL [./index.php?module=SQLQuery&action=query] AND
    1 - they are assigned a SqlQuery role by an Administrator
    2 - Authorized users can optionally create a dashlet from the SuiteCRM Dashboard:
         Add Dashlets > Click Web Tab > Website = paste the URL from above > Add

  2. rahuljain member avatar


    5 months ago

    Thanks. By giving regular users access to the module url, would they be able to create their own SQL queries?
    We would like that only admin can create SQL queries. Regular users should not be able to create or view the actual SQL query. They should only be able to run a pre-saved report by choosing the chart/list etc. options and export the data in excel/csv.
    Is this feasible?

  3. infospectrum member avatar

    infospectrum Provider

    5 months ago


    Yes - these features are implemented.

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