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Lets Administrators query mySQL or MSSQL instances of their suiteCRM databases directly. Browse and export cloud-hosted and local data quickly and easily. Turn results into graphic charts with a single click.

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SQLQuery lets Administrators and designated users query the MySQL database directly from their SuiteCRM instances.

Allows users to implement complex reports based on store procedures with cursors, prepared statements and pivot tables with dynamic number of columns. Administrators have full control of the query, the users that can use them and can also schedule the automatic email of reports via the browser.

sugar 7 sql query ondemand

Query results can easily be emailed or turned into graphic charts:

sugar 7 sql query export to spreadsheet

Users can also select the results of the query for copying and pasting them into a spreadsheet for reporting and other processing.

SQLSpreadsheet sugar 7 sql query export to spreadsheet

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  • "This simple tool has saved us. Easy to paste SQL queries, run them, export the results and best of all, users can add to their dashboard." - itregister

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