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Creating individual workflow processes and define detailed automatization tasks for your CRM. Break out of the standard SuiteCRM workflow frame and extend your CRM with your very own, personal BI. No need of hiring external consultants doing your customizations; stop dealing with compatibility problems and communication issues that come with it. Save money and get done faster! Keep your CRM as it is meant to be, your CRM!

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CM & Sugar TaskEngine

This add-on provides you with the general workflow set-up of SuiteCRM plus a bunch of more features, to setup you individual instance as your private business CRM. Depending on your network configuration (infrastructure) you can create continuous workflow queues, complex record comparisons, new alignment of data and nested task flows triggered step by step.

For full usage you will need an administrator user, who should have the mandatory skills of reading and manipulating records within the world of SuiteCRM. We tried to keep it as simple as possible, thus there are only three entities available within a module scope. Defining your Workflow Container (Task Engine) and link it with your set of specified Conditions and wanted Actions.

If you ever have any questions or need help just let us know. We are here to help!

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