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Creating individual workflow processes and define detailed automatization tasks for your CRM. Break out of the standard SuiteCRM workflow frame and extend your CRM with your very own, personal BI. No need of hiring external consultants doing your customizations; stop dealing with compatibility problems and communication issues that come with it. Save money and get done faster! Keep your CRM as it is meant to be, your CRM!

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This add-on requires a correct reading and writing mode of your webserver. It will fail, if the permissions are not sufficient enough for SuiteCRM overwriting. We strongly recommend to backup any local customizations done at "[DOCUMENT_ROOT]/custom/modules/...", since any new task definition could change your current custom logic setup. If you are unsure, how to process, feel free to contact us for help.

Please be aware that you will need sufficient skills at SuiteCRM of understanding the internal workflow structure defined by our business processes. Further you will need certain knowledge of involved entities and its field setups. This add-on is mostly designed for implementors and application administrators.

There is no warranty and service for any 3rd party tool, which could conflict the usage of this add-on or further extensions!

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