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Deleted a record by accident? Use Recycle Bin to undelete it.

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Installation Guide

Installing the Add-on


Before you can use the Recycle bin, you must have activated it.
When the Recycle bin module is active and an item of the supported types is deleted through the user interface, the item is automatically moved to the recycle bin until you either restore or permanently delete the item from there.

1. Go to the Admin panel:


2. Open Module Loader from the Admin panel:

Module loader.png

3. Choose the downloaded package:

  • Click on Choose File
  • Select a downloaded package from your computer
  • Click on Upload

Choose file.png

4. On the installation wizard, after reviewing the License, click Accept and click commit if you wish to proceed.


5. You will able to see the Recycle bin will be installed. To start using the recycle bin, go to the Admin panel and click the 'Recycle Bin'

Recycle bin.png

6. After the installation

Go to "Repair" from the Admin panel


Click on "Quick Repair and Rebuild"


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