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The Password Datatype add-on works as a display password field type that shows generic dots instead of actual password characters, enabling SuiteCRM users to secure and prevent visibility to their login credentials or other sensitive information. This solution can be easily added to any regular or custom CRM module without any programming required!

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As per the default functionality of SuiteCRM/SugarCRM, CRM does not have the facility to secure the password of the newly created account. Anyone who edits the account details is able to see the Password. To do so, our developers came up with the idea of making custom field data that secure the password entered by the encryption method and master password.

  • We have provided an Excellent Datatype for Suite CRM/Sugar CRM to Secure the password from hacking as It shows in an encrypted format.
  • Password Datatype can be quickly and easily added to any regular or Custom Module of CRM without any programming required.
  • Every user can Secure their Password as it provides Show and hides Password functionality. Show Password Functionality ask for Master Password.


  • You can add Password Field In Any Regular or Custom Modules.
  • In Basic Search and Advanced Search User can easily Search the Password. Both types of Users are able to search the Password i.e Admin User and Regular User
  • Password is Secure as it in Encrypted Format.
  • Master Password needs to be entered if you want to see the password.

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