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MTS Field Highlight is an add-on that helps you highlight important fields on a record. For example, if the phone number field is important to your business because you do a heavy volume of outbound calling you can have that field highlighted so that eyes are able to find that field quickly. Similarly, highlight a field such as the opportunity amount to make that number easy to find.

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MTS Field highlight is a add-on help you highlight these important fields of record. Sometimes, you need find a phone in of account information to make a call and quote to them or check the opportunity amount while your weak eyes to strain because work many hours with computer. I believe you will don't recall the position to get it. So, We decision implement this add-on and you can see it in store now. If you use this add-on, It will help you config and highlight in all information, You will easy to quick find. It is also do the interface becomes more animated and less boring.

Key features

  • Support Highlight field for all user modules.
  • Support Highlight dropdown option for all enum, dynamic enum field.
  • Support custom background for field and color for field.
  • Work well with all themes.

Getting started

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  • "Great add on, does exactly what it says with a minimum of effort to install. Had a small bug at first which the developer fixed within the hour." - markz

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