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The MTS Activity Stream add-on enables users to view a list of activities performed on records. By using this solution, users can see who has updated important information on a CRM record and avoid making duplicate actions. Also, this feature helps admin monitor other users’ activities by reviewing their actions in the CRM.

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Release Notes

[Version 1.1.0]

  • Support view activity stream of all modules from the Home page.
  • Only show activity stream of the module from the list view of the module.
  • Only show activity stream of the record from the detail view of the record
  • Support export Activity Stream as PDF (Only visible for admin user) To download please go to your order and download v1.1.0 Go to module loader to upgrade to v1.1.0

!!!IMPORTANT: Go to admin > Repair > Rebuild JS Grouping Files

Screen Shot 2020-10-04 at 17.23.30.png

[Version 1.0]

  • Tracking create or change (Calls, Meetings, Notes, Tasks, Emails) on any records are linked to it.
  • Tracking create new any record
  • Tracking add opportunity for Account, Closed Won, Closed Lost for an opportunity
  • Tracking converted a lead
  • Tracking changes for important information of any record
  • Tracking delete or add a new relationship between 2 records
  • Support view all devices
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