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The Escalation Management add-on for SuiteCRM automatically escalates records to other members in the operational hierarchy when the record meets certain rules. Users can enter new rules that contain all types of defined criteria, from team organization, business hours and annual holidays, etc. This add-on helps prevent your customer issues from getting lost or going unanswered.

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An escalation provides increased attention to a customer issue and provides a way to track the progress made in resolving the issue. For example, Incase a specific case remains idle for any reason may be missed by the case owner or he was not able to access the system or any reason or his is on leave. If you have escalation rules are defined in your work culture, It won't be the case that your customer will suffer for untimely delays. Based on the rules and time if your case is idle, It will automatically escalated to the Reports to user or the specified Team based on the configuration.

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