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The Escalation Management add-on for SuiteCRM automatically escalates records to other members in the operational hierarchy when the record meets certain rules. Users can enter new rules that contain all types of defined criteria, from team organization, business hours and annual holidays, etc. This add-on helps prevent your customer issues from getting lost or going unanswered.

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Handle customer issues faster by automating the appropriate next steps

An escalation provides increased attention to a customer issue and provides a way to track the progress made in resolving the issue. For example, a customer case can remain idle for any reason, such as: the case owner may have missed it, was not able to access the system, or is on leave from work. If you have escalation rules defined for your business, these cases will not go unanswered, saving your customers from frustrating delays in follow up.


  1. Supports built-in and custom module
  2. Allow custom business hours and holidays
  3. The interactive screen to set up the rules criteria.
  4. The choice to have Escalation time based on creation or modified
  5. Multiple rule entry for a module.
  6. Escalation by Reports to user
  7. Escalation by Specific user to a specific user
  8. Escalation by Round Robin method for All users, Users in Role or based on the security group.

Using Escalation Management for SuiteCRM, rules can be configured so that issues that meet user-defined escalation criteria (that is issues that need extra attention) can be automatically flagged, so they can become more visible in a timely fashion. The escalation trigger conditions and resulting actions are user-defined.

The Case Escalation feature, or in other words a Record Escalation feature, allows you to configure a rule by which the case or record can be escalated to other members in the operational hierarchy. You can use Escalation Rules, to set the criteria, depending on the distribution rules of an organization.

Escalation rules automatically escalate records when the record meets the criteria defined in the rule entry. You can create rule entries, which define criteria for escalating a case, and escalation actions, which define what happens when a case escalates.

The Escalation Management functionality is not limited to the Cases module only, but to all major modules and custom modules as well.

SuiteCRM Assign to field

Escalation Rule

Setup an escalation rule with various conditionals criteria.

SuiteCRM Case Escalation view rules

Escalation Action for the Rule Entry

Define Escalation action which will be fire based on the escalation rules are set-up

SuiteCRM Case Escalation action details

How to set Escalation Rules in SuiteCRM ?

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