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Avaya Integration is a computer telephony integration between SuiteCRM and Avaya PBX. Add-on supports PBX "Avaya IP Office"

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Please read carefully information below if you have problems with using Avaya Integration module.

If you need any assistance from us then let’s have skype call or teamviewer session. My skype is andrew.uymin
Please tell me date and time range when we can communicate (please send your time range in UTC)

For self-diagnosis, please see tips below.

General problem with Avaya Integration:

  1. Avaya license
  2. TAPI. It’s the most common issue!
  3. Firewalls and PBX-connector server accessible issue
  4. Module license

1. Avaya license issue

There is a list with installed licenses In Avaya administration panel.
Please make sure you have installed valid license for
a. Avaya CTI Link Pro
b. Avaya VoiceMailPro (only if you want to have audio recording in phone call log)

2. TAPI issues

To make sure you don’t have problems with TAPI please do the following:
2.1. Please try to use TAPI softphone
Just run this application on your PBX-connector server. This softphone use the same TAPI protocol in the same manner as our module does.
When you run this softphone you should be able to choose one of TAPI-lines in dropdown.
If you will not see TAPI-lines in that softphone then you have problem with TAPI connection/TAPI driver/TAPI license. Please go to paragraph #2.2 and #2.3 below.
If you will see TAPI lines, then please choose one of them and try to call somewhere. If you call successfully please go to paragraph #3 below.
2.2. Please go to windows system-log. Please find events with TAPI and review them (there should be info about connected TAPI lines).
2.3. Please replace exe file inside folder with our module on that one This file has extended log for TAPI events. Start this application and send us TAPI log.

3. Firewalls and PBX-connector server accessible issue

Copy-paste into new tab in your browser the URL from host parameter of All-In-One CTI Configuration in Administration in SugarCRM. It looks like ws://YOUR_PBX_CONNECTOR_SERVER:port For example ws://
Before you open URL in new tab please replace ws with http (or if you use wss, then replace it with https).
You should get URL like http://YOUR_PBX_CONNECTOR_SERVER:port For example
You should get 403 error (Forbidden). If you get this error then it means your PBX-connector is running. If you don’t get 403 error and you get error 500 (server is not found), then your PBX-connector is not running OR you can’t access PBX-connector server from your computer (pay attention your computer should have access to PBX-connector server by TCP on specified port).

4. Module license issue

Check what you have in module’s log file. Log files are located according to your settings in config.txt. File config.txt locates in your installation directory (by default - C:\Program Files\Vedisoft\All-In-One CTI – Avaya). If you see “License is expired” in log file then
• Make sure you put correct license into config.txt. Required license is not the license you get on SugarOutfitters or SuiteCRM Store. You should get license directly from us. If you didn’t get license from us please send us email.
• Your PBX-connector server does not have access to our license server. Our license sever address is (port 443 on your PBX-connector server should be open for that address).

If you still can't make it work, then please send your problems to:
- or into skype: andrew.uymin

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