It's our 5-year anniversary and we'd like to thank you, our members


Today marks a big milestone for The SuiteCRM Store. We have officially been helping businesses get the most out of SuiteCRM with our marketplace of quality add-ons and integrations for 5 years now. Having opened our online "doors" in 2016, below are some stats that show our humble beginnings and where we stand today:

  • Total SuiteCRM Store members in June 2016 was 306 vs. 16,506 members in June 2021
  • Total active SuiteCRM add-ons in June 2016 was 49 vs. 335 active products today

"SuiteCRM's open-source software means freedom for companies all over the world. Freedom to customize the CRM experience to their team's precise needs and freedom from paying for pricey, off-the-shelf products. Having worked in CRM integrations for over 15 years, Chad and I feel honored to be the co-founders of The SuiteCRM Store and partners with the SalesAgility team. Here's to many more years of helping our development community find the best-fit SuiteCRM solutions." – Jason Eggers, co-founder and CEO

Most importantly, we would like to extend our biggest thanks to our marketplace community of members, sellers, and partners. We appreciate your loyalty over the past years and especially during the hardships so many businesses faced amid the 2020 pandemic.

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