Ever add a product to a quote and put it in the wrong grouping? Now you can drag and drop it into the right spot. No need to remove it and reenter all of those line items all over again.

Highlevel Overview

This package makes Product Line Items and Service Line Items sortable in Contracts, Quotes, and Invoices modules for SuiteCRM.

High Level Features

  • Sortable Product Line Items
  • Sortable Service Line Items
  • Sorting between Groups
  • Works with Quotes, Contracts, and Invoices
  • Select which modules to enable/disable
  • Works for both Groups-enabled and Groups-disabled mode
  • Group totals automatically calculated once sorted

Sort Line Items

Line Items Sortable.gif

Sort Between Groups

Line Items Sortable Groups.gif

To learn more about this solution go to Line Items Sortable or search for "Line Items".

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