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Tired of remembering multiple passwords to access your CRM and other platforms? Google Login Plugin allows you to conveniently log in to SuiteCRM using a Google mail account.

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Quickly log in to SuiteCRM using your Google account password

Google Login Plugin by Redian Software allows you to log in to SuiteCRM using a Google mail account. With the help of the plugin, SuiteCRM users are not required to remember separate passwords for SuiteCRM, they can simply log in using the existing Google email approved by the SuiteCRM admin.

How it Woks

Admin Panel: After successful installation, the process will redirect you to enter the purchase license key and validate.

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Go to the Admin panel as we have shown in the first step and look for the “Google Login” link.

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The “Google Login” link will redirect to the page to add your Google Credential JSON file. Please note this page is only accessible when the license key is successfully validated. Follow these steps to get your credentials.

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After saving the credentials on the previous step, log out from your system and you will have the Google login button activated.

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* Free 30 day trial